Islam, April 1995



Halil NecatioÛlu


Most of us have witnessed the dazzling success of science and technology: mankind can travel in the air with comfort and great speed and communicate with every corner of the world; he has conquered the oceans and space. He uses great tools and mind boggling devices and undertakes difficult tasks with ease. The developed countries use the technology to their benefits and let the underdeveloped countries have it in limited amounts and with a high price. The underdeveloped countries are the prisoners of the developed ones in all technological and scientific aspects. So-called super powers do injustice and oppression to the underdeveloped countries at will, and nobody asks for an account of the injustice because they have many advanced weapons, widespread and disciplined organizations and satanic intelligence and tactics. They can create disorder, chaos, mischief and civil wars in any country of their choice easily. Advanced science and technology are two terrible weapons in the hands of merciless and faithless oppressors.


Another terrible characteristic of the present "super powers" is their choice of Islam as their rival, enemy and target. This is a very important point that every believer and Muslim must pay utmost attention.

It is not a fear, imagination, assumption or guess. Their statesmen, scholars, clergy, and press declare it openly, discuss it in their meetings. It is a bitter and solid truth; it is very dangerous for our future. It is a serious intention and deadly plan that has been carried out in many countries. Events in Bosnia, Algeria, Chechenya, Kashmir, and Middle East are the apparent manifestation of the ugly plot. All the social and economic disorders, tremors, coups and stumbles in the other Islamic countries are the sneaky execution of the same plan.

Openly as well as secretly, the enemies of Islam want to destroy Islam and Muslims and wipe them out of the face of the earth. Hence, Muslims must take precautions against this great danger and disaster before it is too late.


The despicable plan mentioned above is being executed in Turkey. The terror in the East and the Southeast, the clashes between Alawis and Sunnis, the classifications of "educated" and "fanatic," "forward looking" and "backward looking," "revolutionist" and "conservative," "kemalist" and "antikemalist," "atheist" and "religious," "unveiled" and "veiled," the activities of the mafia, bribery and embezzlements, looseness in administration and judicial system, moral degeneration, encouragement of immorality, drinking, gambling, drugs and other illegal pleasures, and alike are but the parts of the execution of the treacherous plan.


As Muslims, we fear Allah and try to be good servants of Him. We have good intentions and feelings towards all mankind. Our purpose is to serve, to be helpful and do charitable good deeds. Yet, our enemy is plotting against our beliefs, lives, country, and nation; they want to destroy us, our country and loot our national resources. Everyday we face the news of the death of hundreds and thousands of our brothers and the destruction of villages and towns. Our hearts are broken and full of sorrow; our worlds, in darkness.

Isn't it our right, duty and responsibility to defend and protect ourselves? What are we waiting for?

May Allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) open the eyes of the blind and awake those who are unaware. May He correct the ignorant and unaware, and annihilate the treacherers and oppressors. May He support the sincere, aware and hardworking Muslims and reward them with victory. Âmîn, bi-hurmati Sayyid-il Mursalîn Muhammadin wa âlihî wa sahbihî wa man tabi'ahu bi-ihsânin ilâ yawmid-dîn.

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