Islam, March 1998


Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu


Working for Islam is a duty on not only the preachers, muftis, imams but also on each and every Muslim. Every believer must shoulder his or her share of this duty as much as his or her education, training, and capacity allows, so that Islam can prosper, spread, and gain strength. This is a very honorable and rewarding task. May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala distinguish you all with this work.

Some states and organizations in the world are in a constant, severe, and covert war against Muslims. Muslims must realize this fact and identify those who are behind the stage and those who are players and agents. They must watch the televisions, listen to radios, read newspapers and books, and observe domestic and international politics with wisdom and foresight to understand the plots and ploys, tricks, and plans. Without that, the ignorance and unawareness of the Muslims lead to the destruction of Muslim countries, spoilage of the national resources, collapse of governments, death of millions of Muslims, and poverty and suffering. A zealous believer's heart would not be content with this catastrophe, nor would anybody carry its heavy burden in the hereafter.


The war against Muslims is a cold war in most cases. Its battlegrounds are everywhere: domestic and international politics, trading, education, economy, industry, art, performing arts, radio and television, and printed media. That is why it is extremely important for Muslims to do activities in all fields of life.

We must protect our beliefs and culture and try to live and eventually die as practicing good Muslims. We should not tolerate those who prevent us from following Islam and worshipping as we wish. We should not give them any opportunities or means to be in our way. Just like our blessed forefathers, we should not hesitate to give our property or lives for Allah.

Islam is upheld by jihad, struggle to establish the truth, efforts to do better, unselfishness, courage, and bravery--not with laziness, cowardice, tendency for worldly comfort and pleasure, negligence, indifference, or obedience to egos and Satan. Disasters in this world and in the hereafter await for those who do not upheld Islam.


We have been having a difficult time, experiencing hardship nowadays. The enemy has surrounded us and infiltrated among us. Our mercy and tolerance have been abused. Our brothers and sisters have been killed, homes destroyed, our honor and dignity attacked. Where are humanity and civilization? Where is mercy? What happen to the feeling of responsibility? Where are Muslims?

We must wake up, pull ourselves together, and take all necessary measures. We have to spend our money for Allah, work for Islam, be unselfish in serving Muslims. The opportunity is here; the proper time is now! If we do not spend our money in preparation, soon it will be too late so save ourselves from humiliation, imprisonment, and poverty. It happened in the history; it is happening now!

Our Lord! Give us foresight, discernment, and intuition. Keep Your Guidance with us. Lead the Nation of Muhammad (pbuh) to victories with Your Support.

Respected be Thy Glorious Name and Thy beloved Prophet, Muhammad--may peace be with him.

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