April 1993. Islam


Halil Necatioglu

I would like to invite all Muslims to remember that they are but a single brotherhood. Muslims are brothers of one another; without the support and solidarity among them, success is not achieved, and the issues are not taken a step forward. The hearts of the majority are not won without patience, perseverance, calmness and humbleness. One has to have patience as "ocean."

Patience and timing go hand in hand. Abdulaziz Bekkine, an elder of the Naqshbandi Order, once said, "Do you think that the Sufi masters point out the the mistakes as soon as they see them? For the advice to be effective one has to wait for the proper time. Sometimes, it may take as long as ten years." For this reason, our late teacher Mehmed Zahid Kotku wouldn't say directly, "Do this, do that." He wouldn't use the order form of the verbs. Instead, he would use a phrase as "How about this way?" or "Do you think it is better this way?" He would use a tone of consultation. His "suggestion" had to be taken as an "order," though. This was just to protect the novice (dervish) from the disastrous consequence of disobedience.


To establish the friendship and brotherhood, one should see a person with the potential faith in him. Likewise, one should treat a non-Muslim with his potential of becoming a Muslim. Display a genuine good behavior towards him and show the beauty of Islam to him with your sincere actions.

We have to work for unity, improve the friendship, and use all God-given abilities and powers for this purpose. We have to have all Muslim organizations and groups participate in serving Islam. It is not right to offend, to belittle, to accuse, to anger, to lead to misdeeds or to pacify any Muslim individual, group or organization. All of us must learn how to see the positive side, and how to love people despite their shortcomings. Don't look at the thorn of the rose, but see its beautiful color and smell its unique fragrance. Don't overlook your own shortcomings.

Islam ordains unity and solidarity. If Muslims are not united, there is none to blame but themselves because Allah rewards even the unbelievers when they work. "Dusttanra kuja kuni mahrum/Tu ki ba dushmenen nazardari," said the poet Shaikh Sadi, which means, "My Lord, from Your secret treasures You give to all kinds of unbelievers. You do not let them down when they eagerly work. You reward your 'enemies,' You would not turn Your 'friends,' i.e. believers, down." Definitely, God does not let His "friends" down. The help and support of God are not coming to the "friends" because the "friends" are not good friends. The quality of the friendship needs improvement. The "friends" need more tests and awakening.


We have to be well organized and establish a coordination among all Muslim organizations and groups. If a group is attempting to do a good service that our group was planning to do, we should let them do it, so we can get involved doing other good deeds. We have to appreciate and support all groups and say, "May Allah be pleased with you. While you work on that project, we will start working on a different project." There is no need for competition. Let one group work on a particular project; another group, a different project.

Groups that lack coordination and solidarity, groups that have not realized the importance of working together, and groups that are competing with one another have no chance for success. Groups working in coordination and supporting one another succeed even if they are among the "enemies" of Allah. For instance, 49 states of the North America got united and form a giant country: U.S.A. In Germany, 9 small federations were united to become one. Australia, too, has many sates. In Europe, many countries are forming the European Community. They all seem to forget the wars and fights that took place in the past, and try to get united. On the other hand, Muslims are not working together, or they are prevented from working together by their enemies. Small differences of opinions are magnified, the seeds of division are disseminated in communities. Enemies are using the "divide and rule" technique for the Muslims. To counter the enemies' work we must use the "unification" technique, and do our best for the unity of the Muslim Ummah.


We must pay utmost attention to establishing peace and friendship. Wining hearts, establishing new friendships, adding new names to the address book, visiting people just for the sake of AllahÉ Love for the sake of Allah has very high rewards. Hence, love is our capital and the source of our livelihood. We ought to love one another, establish brotherhood, and spread the friendship. Sooner or later this will lead to the unity and togetherness of the believers.

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