Halil Necatioğlu

December 1994, Islam

We live in an important geographical region and carry important responsibilities on our shoulders. We must ponder about the events taking place around us and prepare action plans. I invite all believers to establish unity and solidarity. All well-meaning, well-mannered, well-educated, patriotic, conscientious people must unite, because the present state and conditions require it. "Bad guys" benefits from the division and fragmentation of "good guys," and the whole nation and the ummah suffer.

First of all, all patriotic politicians must act in unity. I am warning them: They carry a very heavy burden on their shoulders. Allah forbid, any division among them would confuse people and cause disastrous consequences. They must abandon petty ploys and think of the pleasure of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala. They must come to an agreement among themselves to save the nation from the ill-meaning, separatist, thief, treacherous and foreign dependent "parasites" at all costs. The time until the upcoming elections is very important. If the preparations for the partial and general elections do not start right now, it will be too late.


The second field in which unity and cooperation are required is the economy. We can obtain considerable personal, national, material and spiritual gains if we use our money carefully and sensibly. Keeping the savings under a pillow or in a chest is an offense just as wasting money by spending carelessly. Simple-minded people think that they earn money when they keep their savings in the bank, yet they cannot even save it from the inflation, not to mention that their lawful earnings are contaminated with interest. Savings must be invested well to make a profit above the level of inflation. Those who do not succeed in that will be losers and will get poorer. Hence, we must pool our savings together and form giant economic entities.

Another way of good investment could be purchasing the government companies that will be privatized. They must be studied well.

Our preferences in shopping are also quite important. We must purchase the goods produced by our friends and boycott the ones produced by our foes. Thus, we would support our friends and teach a lesson to our enemies. If we, as the whole Islamic World, could do that, we would have the upper hand; the enemies of Islam would give in, and the problems in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Azarbaijan, Middle-East, Africa and Asia would be solved easily.


The third field that requires a strong cooperation is education. Through education and culture, people have been misled; their brains and hearts, filled and deformed with baseless and futile ideas. It has become almost impossible for them to be "perfect servants" of Allah. We must establish very strong and high-quality educational institutions, publish "clean" newspapers, produce excellent radio and TV programs, films, books, and tapes. We must pool our resources together to do all these activities.

I would like to see that everybody in our community wholeheartedly supports activities in all of these three fields.

Rajab, the first of the three blessed months, will start on December 3rd or 4th; December 7th is the Night of Raghaib.

I pray to Allah, janabi fay-yadhi mutlaq wa arhamur-rahimeen, that you all benefit from the prosperity, abundance, blessings, and spirituality of the blessed three months and the special nights in them. I send my prayers, sincere wishes, love and peace from the blessed city, Madinah al-Munawwarah. May Allah bless you in this world and in the hereafter!

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