Islam, September 1995





Halil Necatioglu


Islam is the greatest blessing of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala to His servants. As Muslims, we must appreciate it, hold onto it tightly, apply it to our lives, and convey its message to the whole world.

Yes, Islam is a true religion from God. It is the only current religion that Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala favors and accepts. It is straight, complete, pure and brilliant. It is very logical and valuable. Unfortunately -- for some reasons -- there are so many obstacles, rivals and enemies on its way. There must be a wisdom in that, too.

Satan the cursed comes first in enmity towards Islam. He continuously works against Islam and Muslims, approaches quietly, disguises his intentions, appears to be with the truth, and instills doubts in believing minds. He makes people love this world, worldly advantages, and pleasures. He leads people to deny the life after death, to go astray and to rebel.

Apparently there are many people who follow Satan and their egos and stand in the way of Islam. Some of those people have not encountered Islam closely. That is why their knowledge of Islam is very shallow -- no more than what they hear from people, what they read in magazines, or what they see on television. Unfortunately, most of the time this information is biased, full of hatred, misleading, and consisted of lies fabricated by the non-Islamic circles.


There is another group of people who have encountered Islam closely because of historical or geographical conditions. However, for various religious, racist, nationalistic, social or cultural reasons they become enemies and rivals of Islam. They cannot overcome the traditional fanaticism, believe and accept Islam.

There are even those who know that Islam is the truth, that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the Final Prophet of God, a prophet just like Moses and Jesus, and that Qur'an is a revelation from God just like Torah, Zaboor and Injeel.

Despite the fact that they have listened the message of Islam for the last fourteen centuries and that some of them find Islam true and Muslims righteous, they do not declare the faith and announce it to the world. Yet they insist on their distorted and corrupted beliefs. If they take a step forward, they will free themselves from the darkness of disbelief and from the abyss of hell, and open their way to paradise. They will have a chance to transform from being an enemy of Allah to being a friend of Allah. But, they do not do it; they destroy their eternal life in the hereafter. It is an incredible, amazing, unfortunate fact.


It is the latter group of people who hide the truth, commit lies and false accusations, and try to prevent people from learning about Islam and accepting it. They do it for their worldly gains, nationalistic, racist, and historical enmities and rivalries, imperialistic intentions and ploys. They pose a serious danger; they have no mercy, no conscience, and no shame. They start wars, drink blood, eat human flesh, murder children and women. They are ferocious and bloodthirsty; their hearts have turned into stones.

Here is what to do:

Introduce Islam to those nations who are unaware of it. Explain it patiently, clearly and with ease using the state-of-the-art technology and tools. Convey its message via the most effective way.

Yet we must be very careful about those who know Islam but formed a partnership with Satan against Islam. We must prepare well and be alert. If they have a chance, they would turn Turkey into the present state of Bosnia, Caucasia or Kashmir -- they can even use some individuals among us who are unwary, heedless or callous.

Do not be fooled by their maneuvers, sweet talks, temporary disposition. Do not believe in their friendship or count on their alliance, for they are not but ploys and tricks.

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