Prof. Dr. M. Es'ad COSAN

The superiority of Islamic scholars is an undisputable truth. There are hundreds of canonical proofs in support of this. For example, according to the tradition shown to Ali, handed down to Ibn Adiyy and established as a great tradition by the great hadith scholar en-Munavi, our prophet stated: "Islamic scholars who are candles scattering light on the world and who are caliphs of the prophets are also the heirs of all prophets" (Keshf-ül-hafa 1751).

Islamic scholars are "candles scattering lights" because they pass on the enlightenment they receive from the Koran and the prophet to their surroundings and disperse darkness, unbelief, polytheism, ignorance, heedlessness, stupidity, perversion, deviation and corruption. They show people about faith, Islam, the truth, goodness, righteousness, beauty and strength.

They are the caliphs of the prophet. What that means is that the Islamic community and people should obey them. Throughout history, Muslims have followed the pious, righteous and devout. They obeyed the true Islamic scholars and pledged their allegiance to them. They worked under their orders and followed the path they showed them. Thus, the attained happiness in both worlds. The true caliphs of mankind are the blessed adepts and sheiks joined in spirit with God. They are not oppressive and despotic politicians. How many faithful, just and intelligent government officials, commanders, ministers, and sultans have pledged their allegiance to them, have kissed their hands, have requested their prayers, have carried out their orders, have taken them as guides and have performed service to them? Sultan Ahmed, for example, became the disciple of Saint Mahmud-ı Hüdai. He even wanted to abandon the sultanate to follow him, but when his sheik commanded him to perform his service as a sultan.


If only throughout history in all Islamic countries the administration and government had remained in the hands of the scholars as advised by our tradition. Unfortunately, love for this world, personal ambition and desire for the sultanate were more important. Islamic people and governments have remained aloof as far as religion and belief are concerned. They have remained uninformed about refinement, principles, drinking, listening to music and making dancers perform in the harem. The oppressor have remained in the hands of world worshippers. Look at the disgraceful way the Islamic world is in today. Often times, the ruler's greediness, oppressiveness and heedlessness are to be blamed for it. If the prophet were alive today, the whole Islamic world would definitely obey him. Thus, it is important that Muslims today follow closely their heirs and caliphs, the mature Islamic scholars.

What a shame that some people do not want to follow the truth taught by the prophet! What a shame that some want to disagree with religion, faith and the good manners prescribed by dervish! What a shame that some want to put Muslims against Muslims, make students enemies of professors, order the murder of religious scholars, and deny the truth and sharia!

(Islam January 1990)

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