The Salvation of Muslim Countries

Islam, May 1991

Halil Necatioglu

The tremendous suffering that the Muslim world is experiencing today is a punishment for turning our backs on Allah's path and religion. The enemies of Islam know this truth, which is as obvious as the sun, better than the poor confused Muslim people and the lost intellectuals, and they have known it for centuries! For this reason, the main tactics of their effort in Muslim countries has been to separate Muslims from their religion, weaken their beliefs, and keep the people busy with false philosophical and economic doctrines.

Camouflaging it as zeal for freedom of thought, imperialists have kept in demand every type of intellectual current in Muslim countries. Because of this, you can see a capitalist country supporting and financing communism in a Muslim country and protecting and sheltering in their own nation a communist extremist who has faced persecution at home. Yet at the same time you can see in that same Muslim country that Muslim thought is carefully followed and severely suppressed and Muslim leaders are imprisoned and killed, but no one from the East or West says a word. So where is the freedom of thought?


Examine Muslim countries. True Islamic education is suppressed but the educational system and advertising and propaganda programs of the enemies of Islam are supported by the government. Muslims' political rights and activities are considered dangerous to the existence of the government, but nonreligious persons, non-Muslims or secret agents are given the widest administrative and financial possibilities and power. They run the government, oppress the people, pocket the money, and sell the nation's interests and natural wealth to their imperialist masters. They have established a good balance of interests and mutual support.

Some countries have permitted a trifling and shallow Islamic life style, but this is just a political expedient to prevent the people from rising up against them. They never give the right to enter into or develop any vital Islamic activities in such fields as the military, government, security and finance. If there is such an endeavor they immediately and bloodthirstily kill it. They say, "You can pray and fast; that's enough for you. Stay in your place and don't stir things up or we'll break your head."


Where are the pure, enlightened, conscious, knowledgeable and self-sacrificing Muslims in Islamic countries who are aware of these base games? Why isn't there any cooperation among them?

There are such Muslims and, Allah willing, they will cooperate. This is a necessity for the actualization of Allah's promise and guarantee. Even if the unbelievers don't want this to pass, and oppose and try to prevent it, still success, victory, and control of the universe will be in the hands of believers. No one can put out Allah's light. A group of lovers of truth and faithful believers will exist until the Doomsday and in the end they will run the world. The main cities of the unbelievers will he conquered by the words "La ilaha ill-Allah" (there is no deity but Allah); idols will be destroyed, and networks of exploitation will dissolve.

Imperialism rules a country it has stalked from behind the scenes. It brings to power false leaders (governing and opposition), presents artificial economic and social prescriptions for salvation, keeps the masses busy by means of strong organizations, clashes them with one another, and perverts the truth by every means of publication advertising. It smashes true leaders, and prevents organizations supporting the truth from developing.


For this reason Muslims should not be fooled. They should not support false leaders in the slightest way nor accept positions in organizations which are traps. They should work in the circles and service of pious and foresighted religious scholars of conscience who are well acquainted with Allah's book (Qur'an), our Messenger's traditions (Sunnah), and the rulings of Islamic canonical law (Shari'ah). After establishing sound relationships with believers in their native countries, Muslims should get to know and develop relationships with virtuous and pious people, institutions and groups in other countries.

The chains of unbelief, the fetters of imperialism and the handcuffs of oppression can only be broken by turning to Allah's religion, embracing Islam tightly, relying on and asking for help from Allah and cooperating with others along the lines described above.

All true Muslims must begin work towards this high goal!

May Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala destine Muslims to see the truth as it is and comply with it, and to understand falsehood for what it is and avoid it.

"Beware of the sagacity of the believer because he sees with the light of Allah."

Translation: Aisha Asli Sancar.

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