(Islam, June 1990)

The Importance and Place of Politics in Islam

Halil Necatioglu

In Islam, as in all other matters, without doubt there are various laws, advise, commands and prohibitions regarding politics, government, administrative principles, administrators and those being governed. Being the most perfect religion, Islam neglects no area of human interest. It is the religion that Allah (may His Glory be exalted) approves and commands to be followed. It is a complete system without deficiencies. It is a religion for a practical and active life, not a utopian or imaginary one. It is truthful, realistic and vital. Islam is concerned with all man's interests and solves all of his problems and difficulties.

Thus Muslims are responsible for conforming to the religious ordinances and commands in socio-political matters just as much as they are in matters of daily rituals and worship. They must fulfill their duties and responsibilities in these fields. They cannot remain uninterested, uninformed, ineffective, careless, detached or passive. If they do, they will be held responsible; they will have sinned, and they will carry the burden to the hereafter. In this world they will be contemptible, and despicable, weak and enslaved. They will be punished and desperate in the hereafter. Religion is a whole; one cannot fulfill some parts and turn his back on others. Secularism does not mean that Muslims should not become involved in politics. Just the opposite, Muslims should strive with all their might, and political organization is necessary because if governing, by means of democracy and voting, falls into the hands of the opposition, it can lead to the violation of the most natural rights of Muslims. They can even be prevented from worship and rituals. For instance, in Turkey, Muslim ladies are forced to uncover their hair if they work for government.


It is the wish of a small group of people in the country and some imperialist abroad that Muslims should not enter elections, show interest in politics, become candidates, participate in government nor observe and criticize the administration and remain passive. Because the awakening of the Muslim people will mean demanding their rights, and taking over government administration. The opposition would be defeated in their struggle which has lasted for centuries. It would be the end of their occupation and exploitation.

In underdeveloped countries whose social fabric is weak and whose people are ignorant and heedless, the imperialists either exploit (the resources) by direct occupation or by bringing their supporters and agents to power. They govern by using them. If by chance that nation's patriotic sons gain power, the imperialist agents create troubles in the country as well as outside to weaken them and to get rid of them. From this perspective, Muslims everywhere must be very alert and not be fooled by their games. It must not be forgotten that it is our greatest right and responsibility to work in politics and government in accordance with our religious and national interests.


Thus you must follow clean politics closely. This area must not be left to the hands of the immoral, incapable persons or covetous agents or traitors. Do not become divided and dispersed. Act with love, respect, mutual understanding and tolerance. Establish unity, togetherness, victory and majority. Know that if division and stubbornness continue, the government administration falls into evil hands.

I get sad when I see this danger. Those fanatic, narrow-minded party supporters who do not see these vital facts and who act irresponsibly astonish me.

We must strive to establish and strengthen our existence, preserve our spiritual identity, and protect our rights, our national wealth, our economical and cultural treasures, and our unity. We must be very careful, very vigilant, very positive, very hard working, very productive, very knowledgeable, very loyal, very self-sacrifying and very patriotic, i. e., very dervish.

Not only must we be very honest and idealistic, but also very practical and pragmatic. We must overcome every obstacle on the way leading to unity, solve every problem and not get caught up in insignificant matters.


We must advance toward our high goal with a strong pace without becoming tools of those who wish to sabotage unity and solidarity through prejudiced feelings, unnecessary sympathy and false ties.

It is absolutely necessary for the sake of all humanity that we get sound and strong. Everyone is expecting help from us. We are the greatest hope of the Turkic people and the Islamic World. All of our blood brothers and religious are relying on us. They are watching us and waiting for a sign and good news from us.

Peace and happiness in this world and in the hereafter for those who live in the east or in the west, those who are believers or disbelievers and for all mankind is tied closely and in many ways to our righteousness, deliverance and success.

All success is from Allah. May He help us!.

(Islam, June 1990)

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