Islam, December 1996


Halil Necatioglu

The Saturday night on December 7, 1996 is the blessed Mi'raj (Ascension) Night which is the 27th night of the lunar month Rajab. May it be full of blessings for all believers. On this special night, may Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala, the most Bountiful and the most Merciful, forgive us our sins, shower His Mercy on all of us, give us the opportunities to do deeds that He is pleased with, give us means for charitable works, and make us among those whom He is pleased with and who are honored with His Beauty in the hereafter.

Rajab, the month of repentance, is almost over; the month of "tilling and sowing" is almost gone. Sha'ban, the month of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), our beloved leader, the crown of our heads, and the king of our hearts, is coming. It also has a special night, the Night of Bara'at, falling most probably on December 24, 1996. It is a very important night for the entire year. In this month, we must hold tight onto the Sunnah of the Prophet (pbuh), recite salaat and salaam on him often, and prepare ourselves for Ramadhan.


Our valuable lives are passing so fast; our years are running like flood waters, the number of our limited days is diminishing. With every passing day, the day of separation and union is getting closer: a day of separation from this world, from the relatives, friends, businesses, worries, tiredness, and tests; also a day of union with the friends of the hereafter, with the Prophet (pbuh), and the Creator of the universe.

How are we preparing for the hereafter? What kind of good deeds do we have to take us to the eternal bliss in the paradise? What is the bottom line of our life-time net earnings? Are we at a loss, or have we made a profit? Will we be accepted to the presence? Will we attain the favor of the Prophet (pbuh)? Will we enter the paradise and enjoy the Kawthar in the company of righteous servants of Allah? Will we join our beloved ones with a lovable, pleasant state?

How will it be in the grave? What is waiting for us on the Day of Resurrection? How will our trial be? What will be the verdict? Are we going to be acquitted? Are we going to cross the bridge Sirat and arrive in Paradise or, Allah forbid, are we going to fall into the abyss of Hell fire? How terrible it is to stay away from the righteous and blessed friends and spend time with the infidels, oppressors, murderers, and other disgusting criminals while being punished with the worst kind of tortures in the darkness of Hell.


Dear brother! Wake up from the sleep of unawareness, realize the truth, and ponder about the disasters you may have to undergo in future. Do not be carried away by the alluring pleasures of this world. Do not be fooled by Satan, and save yourself from the unawareness and ignorance. Try harder, take precautions, hold onto Islam tight, be a true Muslim. Work for the hereafter, try to save yourself from the Hell fire, do not let Paradise slip away from your hands. Do not waste even a second of your time. This world is temporary; no body has attained it forever. Surely you, too, will leave this world behind some day.

The Angel of Death may find you without warning. Who knows where, when, and how? A smart Muslim is always prepared to face death; only a fool indulges in whims and wishes in the depths of the unawareness.

Our Lord! Awaken us from the unawareness and keeps us on Your remembrance, gratitude, and worship.

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