Islam, January 1998


Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioglu

Ramadhan 1418 has arrived; Wednesday, December 1997 is the first day of fasting. We must perform the Tarawih prayer after Ish'a on Tuesday and get up for Suhur meal before starting the fast. I wish you all a blessed Ramadhan. May Allah subhanahu wa taala shower His Grace and Mercy on all of my believing and Muslim brothers. May He reward them with all good deeds, blessings, health, peace and happiness in this world and in the hereafter. Amen.

Because of the spiritual responsibility on my shoulders, I have traveled in the United States, England, some European countries, Saudi Arabia, and Indonesia. Now I am in Australia; insha-Allah, I will be here throughout Ramadan. I will be in touch with you via radio, television, magazines and internet. Alhamdulillah, with the means the modern technology has to offer, difficulties are overcome; distances, reduced; services, provided from anywhere on the earth.

Ramadhan is a great opportunity for Muslims; it is a very special, blessed month. In Ramadhan, not only the gates of Paradise are opened but also the gates of Hell are closed. Also, heavens are decorated and adorned, and Satan is chained. Good deeds are rewarded multiply; sinners are forgiven. Hearts are illuminated; selves, trained; spiritual degrees and ranks, elevated. In Ramadhan, it is relatively easier to turn away from the offenses and misdeeds; repentance is accepted. The Mercy of the Merciful is abundant, and the divine guidance is evermore accessible for all.


In this Ramadhan, let us put a great effort and work diligently to become a good, righteous, god-fearing, sincere, mature and perfect Muslim -- just like a saint. Let us also work for Islam to establish and maintain very important, very beneficial, very valuable, very wide-spread, continuous, deep rooted and fundamental services in the world.

As I travel in various parts of the world, I see that Islamic countries and Muslims have been injusticed, maltreated, deprived, oppressed, tyrannized, divided, exploited, and abused. The infidels, the unbelievers, the enemies of religion and alike are attacking the Muslims in all fronts to inflict harm on their country, their property, their children, and their lives. As they see the ignorant and the unaware celebrate Noel, decorate the buildings and stores with Noel symbols and lights, they feel great joy for fooling the Muslims and parting them from Islam.

You, too, my dear brother, run to earn the pleasure of Allah. Be a helper to Allah's religion with all your might. Work for Islam; try and sweat! Run to serve Islam with everything you have! Protect yourself and your family from the disbelief, shirk, mischief, misdeed, unlawful and loss. Do not get lost in unawareness or comfort; be aware, keep your responsibilities in mind, fulfill your duty completely. Save whatever you can from the fire, and try to put it off. Hold tight onto the Qur'an and follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Your religion, your belief, your country, your children, your future, your freedom, your independence, and your happiness in this world and in the hereafter are facing great dangers!

In conclusion, this Ramadhan is a great opportunity for you to work hard and continuously so that you attain the salvation, peace, comfort, happiness, blessings, prosperity, and honor in this world and in the hereafter.

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