Islam, March 1995

Ramadhan in Mecca

Halil Necatioglu

Al-hamdu lil-lahi Rab-bil-âlamîna, hamdan kathiran tay-yiban mubarakan fîh, kamâ yuhib-bu Rab-bunâ wa yardhâ wa yanbaghî li-jalâli wajhihî wa li-azîmi sultânih.

Millions of praises be to Allah (SWT), I am writing this article on the second floor of the Masjid al-Haram in the honored city of Mecca, close to the iftar (breaking of the fasting) time on one of the last ten days of Ramadhan. I am also watching those who circumambulate Ka'abah, the House of Allah, with great ardor.

What a beautiful scene! A cool and gentle breeze is soothing my face and body. Our Lord, The most Merciful, has send clouds to provide a shade for His fasting servants. Close to the western horizon, the sun is shining on the golden calligraphy of the velveteen cover of Ka'abah. The circumambulation area and the ground floor is full, a whirlpool of true and loyal lovers is formed around the House of Allah. With rosaries in hand, some are busy with dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah) and prayers while some read Qur'an. It is an extraordinary time soon before the iftar. While waiting for iftar in tranquility, one can feel that the whole area is flooded with mercy, rewards and light.


The pleasure of the prayer is truly attained here. There is no rush in Tarawih prayer; each verse is recited distinctly and properly just like a precious pearl drop. Everyday one hour after midnight a 10-unit tahaj-jud prayer is performed in congregation.

Masjid al-Haram is full of Muslims who are in i'tikaf (retreat into a masjid for a definite time period) for the last ten days of Ramadhan. Most of them are young, college students. It is very pleasant to be with our Muslim brethren of all ages who are from all parts of the world. We are a group from Turkey; there is a group from Egypt on our right. A merchant from Jeddah is on our left; next to him are a blessed person from Tunisia and two businessmen from Oman. Next to them are a Malasian, an African, a Sudanese, an Afghani, A Pakistani, an Indian MuslimÉ What a lovely mosaic! We experience the pleasure of being a human, and joy of brotherhood, servitude, courtesy, favor and benevolence.

Lord! Islam is such a high, deep and beautiful religion. There is no distinction of color, race, language, class or rank. Everybody is competing in good deeds. Charities, alms givings, donationsÉ dinners, food, dates, fruits, desertsÉ prayers, tears, sadness, tranquility, righteousness, piety, perfection, beauty, manifestationÉ Words are insufficient to describe the countless blessings. One has to see and taste to appreciate it. May Allah make it possible for you all to live all of these blessings.


May the Eid al-Fitr bring goodness to the World of Islam to end the suffering, to spread love and affection, to unite Muslims, to have them support one another, to liberate the oppressed from the oppressors, to make the poor happy, to lift up the indigence, to bring people desire to change the world for better.

World will not be a good place unless Islam is established truly, and people will not be good unless they become true believers. Only then the true civilization, development, advancement, affluence, democracy, human rights will manifest. Then the fake will be replaced by the original.

Our most important purpose, highest target, and greatest duty after Ramadhan must be to live Islam totally, to convey its message exactly, to invite everybody to believe, to raise the youth according to Islam, to do every work in compliance with Islam, to correct the mistakes with Islamic measures, to abandon the falsehood, to do good works, to defend the truth and to be good servants of Allah (SWT).

May Allah (SWT) accept our worship and charity, perfect our manners, keep His guidance and assistance with us, and bestow on us His pleasure and happiness in this world and in the hereafter.

Amîn, bi-hurmati Sayyid-il Mursalîn, sal-lal-lahu alayhi wa âlihî wa sahbihî wa man tabi'ahu bi-ihsânin ajma-în, wa sal-lama taslîman kathîran ilâ yawmid-dîn.

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