Islam, December 1991

Priority for Education and Media

Halil Necatioglu

The Glorious Qur'an is the word of Allah (SWT); it is a revelation from the Lord of the Universe to the chosen prophet Muhammad (SAW). It is an address, a message, a remembrance, a reminder, a communiqué, an announcement, a guidance, a warning, a caution, an order, and a light from the Creator to the creatures. The Qur'an reached us as written down by the "secretaries of revelation" when it was revealed, and it will stay unchanged, authentic, and pure till the Day of Judgement under the protection of Allah (SWT). It is a spring of words, thoughts, knowledge, spirituality, and salvation. First revealed verse was "Iqra' bismi rabbik el-ledhi khalaqÉ" (Read in the Name of thy Lord Who createdÉ)

Our beloved Prophet -- peace be on him, his family and his followers -- was in charge of conveying, interpreting, teaching and applying the message of the Qur'an. He was endowed with jawami-ul-kaleem, the ability to express details with few words. He was also afsah-ul-Arab, the most eloquent and articulate of Arabs. Qur'an is a revealed clear miracle of him. His personality was excellent; his appearance, pleasant; his word, beautiful. He appreciated beautiful words, clearness and distinctness, knowledge, wisdom, speech, structure, expression, spoken and written literature, and poetry. His words, ahadith, are the foundation of Islam, the source of Shariah, Islamic Canonical Law, a treasure of material and spiritual knowledge, and unique examples of eloquence.


Many scholars have studied the words of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Many preachers have explained their meanings at the pulpits. Many teachers taught their meanings to people. His sayings has filled volumes of books and illuminated billions of hearts. They continue to quench the thirsts and fill the hearts with wisdom. They guide those who had gone astray and take the lovers to their beloved God.

Our beloved Prophet -- peace be on him, his family and his followers -- conveyed the message of Allah perfectly. He explained Islam not only to the people of Quraish but also to Christian groups and Jewish communities. He wrote letters and send messengers to the kings in the neighboring countries. He invited them to Islam. He send teachers to nearby tribes to teach Islam. He appointed judges to Muslim communities to judge by the Book of Allah. He showed favor to some believing poets and aske them to reply the ridicule of pagan poets.

There is an important sign for us in attitude of the Prophet (SAW) towards the media. Today we must utilize all forms of media and audio-visual educational tools to convey the message of Islam and teach the belief, Qur'an, spirituality, truth, manners, good behavior, yearning, art, and wisdom. With utmost patience and attention, we must try our best to spread the truth. This is the most important duty and most fruitful work. It will produce the most pleasant results and open ways to great rewards in the hereafter. It can free the Ummah from the troubles. It will also bring material prosperity and comfort, economic development and success, political strength and winning, military superiority and victory because the faith, manners, sincerity, and spirituality affect them indirectly.

Do not spread your attention and strength too thin or be confused or fooled. With all of your strength work for Islam so that you may attain the desired success and felicity in this world and in the hereafter, and physical and spiritual happiness forever.

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