Islam, December 1990

Our Requests from the Administrators and the People

Halil Necatioglu

War is very devastating. It has taken Europe 40-50 years to heal her wounds from the Second World War. If the Third World War occurs, it will be a great catastrophe for mankind.

Because of this painful experience, Europe fears war greatly. The European Security Council is working to establish security for this reason. While they try to remove conditions which could lead to a war, guarantee human rights and freedom, and pave the way for the people's prosperity and happiness, they try to reduce arms and keep arm depots at a distance by means of the disarmament treaties. The East and West Blocs appear to be extremely happy with the situation because disarmament will relax the strain on their budgets and enable them to channel much more of their funds into development.

But while a peaceful atmosphere reigns over European and Russian cooperation, the Middle East and all Muslim nations are at the mouth of a cannon. Clandestine powers have moved the danger of war to the middle of the Muslim world. We are face to face with a big and treacherous game and dangerous adventure, which is a reason for great anxiety. the removal of this danger is an urgent and important duty incumbent upon enlightened, far-seeing, faithful and self-sacrificing Muslims.


One part of our duty is to very seriously and quickly unite, strengthen ourselves and be vigilant and prepared against any adverse developments. The success brought by unity has been clearly seen in Algeria and Pakistan. We must put aside useless bickering and conflicts of interest. The historical enemies of our religion and nation should not catch us weak and heedless. We must not quarrel with one another nor cause our progress to be interrupted. Especially our nation must never be divided. The whole Turkish and Muslim worlds are looking to us; they seek help and salvation from us. We are in a position of great advantage. The Balkan, Crimean, Caucasian, Middle Asian, Kazan and European Muslims; our workers in foreign countries; and Asian and African nations comprise an inexhaustible potential for us.

Islam is a great source of energy. We are happy, vital, and alive with it. We will progress and rise with it and attain one success after another with it. We can explain Islam to the European, American, Russian, and Chinese and win him as our brother. With this firm faith we can heal mankind's wounds and establish universal peace and happiness.


The diplomatic endeavors made by our government officials towards Western leaders should also be made towards Islamic and Middle Eastern countries as well. The threat of war must be removed from our region. Brotherly cooperations must be established; mutual economic projects must be undertaken, and political overtures must be made.

We as the people must contribute to this enterprise with private initiatives. The peoples of this region should get to know one another better, visit back and forth, from business connections learn each other's language and culture, and strive to develop love, friendship and brotherhood.

Muslim people do not want bullying, plunder, fighting, insecurity, blood and war from their government administrators. Instead, they want service, peace, brotherhood, and cooperation. Anyone who is provoked by our enemies and who advocates attacking our Muslim brothers should not find help or favor from anyone else. Muslims should not fight Muslims. If they do, both the killed and the killer will go to hell.


Peace and happiness are the rights of the Middle East and Islamic nations just as much as they are the rights of America and and Europe. The superpowers should abandon their double-faced politics, mischief making, intrigue and hypocritical double-standards. Muslims should awaken and understand reality well; they should see where their interests, benefits and happiness lie and avoid behavior that will make their enemies laugh and their friends cry.

Although we neither desire nor wish it, we must be fully prepared for the possibility of a war. In addition to being strong enough to restrain our enemies, we must, with all our might, mobilize to establish peace, security, prosperity and happiness in our region.

"The best of men is he who is the most beneficial to mankind."

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