No Conflict, but Harmony
No Empty Words, but Work and Service

Halil Necatioglu

Reprinted from Islam, January 1992

In the first week of January, the blessed "Three Months" season, Rajab, Sha'ban and Ramadhan of 1412, will start. Following the sunset on Thursday January 9 is the first Friday night of Rajab to be observed as the Ragha'ib Night. We congratulate our readers and the Muslim world on this occasion and wish that this blessed season will bring happiness, goodness, spiritual enlightenment, rewards, and physical and spiritual benefits to all Muslims.

For our negligence in fulfilling our religious duties, in establishing and maintaining a unity and togetherness, in helping and supporting one another, in loving our brethren, and in holding on to knowledge and God-consciousness, especially for the last two centuries, Allah has punished us. The whole Ummah experienced bitter days and physical and spiritual losses. The last representatives of the Caliphate, the Ottomans, was divided into many small nation states, and many Islamic countries were invaded. Muslims were killed or imprisoned en masse. The government in the Muslim countries were in the hands of oppressors and traitors who harmed Muslims and Islam more than the enemies of Islam did. There were restrictions and bans on Islamic education and application of Islam. Generations were raised with un-Islamic values; mosques, schools, foundations, and various Islamic establishments were abolished, sold, or destroyed. Devout Muslims, scholars and educated people were persecuted, imprisoned or hanged. Nevertheless, nobody could blow off the Light of Allah. Islam has survived even under the worst communist and oppressive governments. The dark days are now history, and we are facing new opportunities with full of hope.


Today there are resourceful, populated, free and strong Muslim countries on the face of the earth. Despite their shortcomings, these Muslim countries and some other non-Muslim countries have a pool of Muslims who are educated, well mannered, God-conscious, and willing to spend all they have in the service of Islam. The Caucasus and Middle Asia are awakening; Turkish and Muslim governments are declaring freedom and independence. Islam is reaching beyond East Turkistan to the parts of China; Muslims are opening new mosques and Islamic schools. In most of the South Asian states, there are large Muslim groups and hardworking Islamic organizations.

In many Christian Western countries the anti-Islamic fanaticism has been overcome. Millions of Muslims are living in Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland; the native Muslims in these countries are getting organized, forming associations, and serving Islam actively. Many mosques are built in cities, and Friday prayers are established in these mosques. Islamic literature is published by these organizations.


Millions of Muslims are living in North America; serious Islamic activities, TV programs, books and periodicals are opening the hearts of non-Muslims to Islam. Afro-American Muslims are conveying the message of Islam not only in America but also in their old homeland Africa. Hundreds and thousands of people are abandoning their old beliefs and embracing Islam. In all parts of the world, there is a sincere interest and love for Tasawwuf (true Sufism). Tasawwuf is conquering many hearts. Many researchers and scientists are becoming Muslims through their research, and publishing books on Islam.

With all these good events taking place, in this blessed season, we must support and organize these activities and use opportunities to serve Islam. We must eliminate the artificial divisions, meaningless disputations, unnecessary arguments amongst us. Under the light of knowledge, faith, common sense, discernment, and spirituality, we must return to the pith of Islam, hold on to the consciousness of Islamic Brotherhood and Ummah, and run to conveying the message of Islam and serving the religion of Allah.

The good-end belongs to the God-conscious; the final victory, to Islam. My heartfelt desires are for the near future to bring glory and might to Islam, happiness and victory to Muslims. I hope you all witness those happy days by the will of Allah.

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