More Care, More Effort and More Zeal

Halil Necatioglu

Translated by Aisha Aslõ Sancar. Reprinted from Islam, September 1991.

During the summer vacation, many people travel, relax and enjoy themselves. The heat encourages going to beach; the beach encourages nakedness; the nakedness encourages lust, and lust encourages frequenting bars and nightclubs, gambling and shamelessness. Seeing people indulged in these activities, Satan kicks up his heels and celebrates with accrued delight: "I have tricked man and made him a candidate for the wrath of God." For a person of faith who views these events for a lesson or assesses them with Islamic logic, it is not possible but to feel sorrow and harrow in the name of Islam. Where is the fear of God? Where are piety, morality, humaneness and Muslimness?

This is a seen in many Muslim countries. Are those people imported from the lands of infidels? Aren't they the grand-children of those who conquered those land by means of Jihad? Aren't they the grand-children of great mujahideen, the enraptured faithful, the white bearded scholars and ladies who as symbols of honor never showed even a strand of their hair to the strangers? Oh my God! What is happening? Are people returning to disbelief after they accepted the truth? Are they leaving the path of truth and becoming apostates? Are they abandoning the path to Paradise in favor of the path to Hell? Subhanallah! What will be the end of this?


My beloved and distinguished brothers and sisters. Satan's traps, games and tricks are manyfold. In this temporary world of trials and temptations, you must be very alert, foresighted , careful, determined, strong-willed, and patient. Otherwise, you can suddenly fall into ruin!

Faith is between man's two lips: A momentary thought can lead you to say something you shouldn't. Allah may not approve of it, and you will be on your way to Hell. For a momentary pleasure and desire, you can get mixed up in sin that will lead you to a lifetime of regret and shame. For the sake of good a fun vacation, you might lose your family and all sense of shame. Having forsaken your religion and faith, you will become vulnerable to disasters in this world and in the Hereafter.

Take care, be determined,and decisive, learn the commands of your religion well and fulfill them! Don't fall into heedlessness or tolerate ignorance. Don't allow the good tidings of forgiveness, mercy and bounty of God mislead you. These exist, but they are for His pious servants, those of pure intentions who are determined to follow His path, those who entreat, worship and obey Him day and night. They exist for God's devout servants, ascetics, those whose breasts burn with love, those who refrain from sin, those who show patience and perseverance in worship, and those who abstain from eating unlawful things.


Hey heads of the family! Don't forget your responsibilities. These women and children are a trust to you from God. If you open the way for them to sin, you will be responsible.Carefully take precautions now, and do not open the way to calamity in this world and in the Hereafter.

Oh, Muslims! Do not imitate the unbelievers. Do not follow them blindly and heedlessly! Do not get caught up in imitating their life-styles, customs and pleasures. Return to the path of Allah. Fully follow the commands of Islam and embrace the moral standards of Islam. Try to represent Islam in the best way in your own personality and in your family, environment, and community. Try to sincerely live Islam and help others to live it. Practice even the smallest details. Protect Islam as if it were a rare antique. Actively display the beauty of Islam to the people around you and try to explain Islam in a mild and pleasant manner. Work to spread Islam all over the world. And, try with all your might to establish Islam as victorious over unbelief, polytheism, rebellion, sin, the devil, treachery, dissoluteness, and vileness. Otherwise, the rebelliousness and dissoluteness will sweep mankind towards a disaster, and the lazy and unforesighted believer with no effort or zeal will perish as well.

Oh, Lord. Subhanaka! We declare to you that that we have not been servants to You in a befitting manner. In our remaining lifetime, grant us Your divine guidance and deem us successful in performing good works. Allow us to enter Your presence as servants worthy of Your love.

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