Islam March 1993


Halil Necatioglu

Endless praises be to the Lord of Universe, our Creator, for He has blessed us with Islam, a true faith and a divine guidance. What a great blessing and grace is Islam!

We are within public; we travel often in the country and abroad. We observe that some people know nothing about Islam and that they are fearful of Islam and Muslims. There are also chronic enemies of of Islam who are busy devising plots against Muslims in all parts of the world. For this reason, we have to be careful and work hard and efficiently making use of modern techniques and tools. We have to be on guard all times and move with wisdom. In short, we have to be examples of perfect Muslims.

Unfortunately, in many parts of the world Muslims' rights are taken away. Bosnia-Hercegovina, Chechnia and Eastern Turkistan are to name just a few of those lands where Muslims suffer from injustice. Sometimes Muslims face enmity, hatred and maltreatment in countries where a great majority of the population consists of Muslims. It is a divine test for all of us. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala is testing our patience, sincerity, and generosity in His path.


I would like to comment on the recent events that has been happening in Turkey. Some treacherous and oppressive media and their supporters have indulged in very dangerous affairs--they are playing with fire. They could suffer greatly from the consequences of the chaos and ploys that they have been devising. They should take a lesson from the recent events that has swept through Albania. They must be aware of people's reaction and uproar. They should pay attention to the number of people who go along with them and also to the number of people who are aware of the ploys, getting angrier and angrier, and waiting quietly like a bomb ready to explode. The trouble makers do not know our people well, for they are not with people but against them. The mass communication tools that they have and their supporters are misleading them.

These media and their supporters have been against the present cabinet. With all their might, they tried to prevent the formation of the coalition. They could not succeed, yet now they are trying to make it collapse through unimaginable schemes and deceptions. They devised something very ugly and shameful in Ramadhan, and we explained their purpose and warned our people about them. Later it was understood that the plots were premeditated and planned months ahead. Their intention was to tarnish the image of the larger partner of the cabinet and to cut off people's support. Despite the unrivalled role playing, their scheme backfired.


Now the same provocateurs are after the military. They are advocating a military takeover. By calling to put the democracy on hold, they are violating the constitution and signing their death decrees. Their demands which are publicized in newspapers reveal their ill intentions. From the point of democracy and human rights, what they want is nothing but a catastrophe. How ill meaning they are! I am sure that the military will not take a part in their schemes, nor would people allow their rights to be taken away. The signs and the similar events are so obvious that it would cause a great disorder not only in the country but also in the region extending to Israel. Israel, too, would regret the consequences, for it is well known that it has a part in the secret schemes.

Various secret centers in Europe and in the United States as well as their agents in Turkey are wrong to assume that this provocative and oppressive order would suppress Muslims. They should have learnt a lesson from Bosnia and Chechnia where Muslims were in minority. Despite their weakness in number and in arms, Muslims opposed to the enemy. They taught the enemy a lesson on the consequences of targeting the faiths, honors and feelings of Muslims.

Muslims are for the peace, but up to what point?

I hope that the provocateurs come to their senses soon and realize their faults before it is too late.

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