Islam, May 1995


Halil NecatioÛlu


Our Creator and The Lord of the Universe, Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has infinite power; His Creation and Art are excellent! He creates colossal entities from infinitesimally small pieces: subatomic particles are made from quanta (tiny packages of energy); atoms from subatomic particles; molecules from atoms; various materials from molecules; live and lifeless objects from materials and substances; small worlds from complex living creatures; then the endless space (macro cosmos)... Allah, The Lord of Universe, be exalted. Endless praises be to Him.

Here is another example that we witness all the time: tiny water molecules in the air form the rain drops; the drops form the rain showers; the showers form the runs; runs form the streams, creeks and rivers; the rivers form the lakes and oceans.

We must learn lessons from these examples. We know that Islam is a religion of unity in all aspects; Muslims and believers must unite with love and affection just like a strong building, a fortress. The benefits and rewards of such a unity are great. Even the prayer has 27 to 50 times more reward when it is performed in congregation with unity.


It has become clearly apparent during the events happening in the country as well as outside that the enemies of Islam are united in all matters, especially on inflicting harm on us. They act together, violate the human rights, oppress nations, encourage the oppressors, ignore the screams of the oppressed, act inhumanly and infuriate us.

Muslims must reevaluate their stance and take the necessary precautions against these injustices. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala says in the Qur'an, "Hold on tight to the rope of Allah, and do not be divided." He ordains the Islamic unity and states that Muslims are true friends and brothers of one another. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) compares Muslims to a single body and expresses the necessity of unity in feelings, thoughts, sorrow and happiness, state and action, stance and precautions.

We must pay attention and upheld this divine order and descriptions. In what area shall Muslims form unity and togetherness? How will they act together as one body like a mountain? How will this divine unity be realized?


First there has to be an authority center. The authority belongs to Allah; so does the sovereignty. Jurisdiction and ruling comes from Him; obedience and servitude are to Him. For this reason, Muslims must obey Allah at once and follow the the Prophet truly. It must be known well that no creature is to be obeyed when the orders imply disobedience to the Creator. No ruler may issue orders that contradict the orders of Allah. Nobody can use the authority of Allah to his own whims and wishes. Everybody must learn the orders of Allah from the true sources, scholars, and close friends of Allah. Everybody must follow the Shariah and not take anything for himself as an idol, god, sovereign, supervisor or authority other than Allah, for its consequence is disappointment, sorrow, and torture in hell fire.

That means everybody must acknowledge the sovereignty of Allah first and follow the true scholars who act upon their knowledge, those who know the rulings of Allah, those who is on the path of Allah, and those who fulfill the orders of Allah. There is no other way of salvation.


Then everybody must work in the light of knowledge, and with the guidance of scholars, truth, and consultation. All duties and responsibilities must be carried out orderly, scientifically, logically, and legitimately.

Everybody must financially support the realization of the undertaken projects. Every inactive asset must be mobilized for the charitable work or partnership in Muslim-owned businesses so that the financial power of Muslims is raised to the highest levels.

After then, we will not have to depend on or beg from the European Union, America, Japan or others. We will not ask for credit or financial support from anybody. We will trust Allah, and with His Grace, we will be ahead of other countries and nations.

You must give some thought on what you can do in this endeavor. Fulfill your responsibility and duty in the best way possible. May Allah support and guide you in carrying out your divine responsibilities.

As-Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh!

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