Difficult, Dangerous, Serious and Important Days

Islam, July 1997

Prof. Dr. Halil Necatioğlu

Endless praises be to Allah, for He is our Lord. What an honor to be His servant! Alhamdulillah, we are Muslims, and we do not have any attribution more significant than being Muslims. We have been Muslims since the beginning, and we would like to live as Muslims until our last breath, leave this world with a perfect belief, be among those whom Allah Almighty is pleased with, and live in the paradise in His presence for ever. This is our right, ideal, desire, purpose, target, and intention.

This country is ours; these lands are not only gifts for us from our forefathers, but also sacred trusts. We are not refugees, guests, passengers or strangers over these lands; on the contrary, we are the independent and free owners, rulers, managers, producers, protectors, caretakers, and guards. We have ruled these lands for many centuries, conquered the states around, spread Islam among many nations, established a matchless civilization to teach the world belief, sincerity, manners, virtues, beauty, perfection, and compassion.


There have been some people who have an enmity towards Islam. Recently they have been making statements against Islam and trying to distance Muslims from Islam. They want to go against the people's will, force people to do things unwillingly, take their rights away, and limit their freedom with claims that they are acting "in the name of the government, for the nation, in accordance with the law." Such an arrogance, scandal, dishonor, vileness, paradox, or stupidity has never been heard of.

Such attempts are totally against Islam, humanity, human rights, basic freedoms, Turkish Constitution, laws, reasoning, logic, knowledge, common sense and good intention. They are very serious and ugly. I read the responses of some intelligent, patriotic, well-informed and brave citizens in the papers and watch them on television. I support them wholeheartedly. Alhamdulillah, our people are aware; we have many well-educated, courageous, well-meaning personages. However, there are also people with evil dispositions constantly trying to create chaos and mischief. They are backed by outside powers; their advertisement and propaganda tools are advanced; their personnel, experts. They have grasped important positions one way or another, and they have access to all kinds of resources. Because they knew that they are in minority, they have organized themselves well and established many associations. They own many newspapers and television channels. They cling like leeches and ticks sucking the nation's blood.


It is not easy to combat with these parasites because they disguise themselves well and scheme many tricks to slip away from the hands of justice.

To discern the foes from the friends, we have to be very careful, aware, well organized and well equipped. We have to work systematically and allocate resources for this purpose. We have to be able to identify the wolf in the sheep's skin.

We must work with strong, well-meaning, trustworthy, and patriotic individuals and organizations. We have to persuade the naive people to stop supporting the evil powers; we have to get their support on our side.

In this age and under the present conditions, it would be a grave mistake to be fooled by the smile of the enemy and to relax. It is even worse to be on the side of the enemy. If they get hurt while they are in the ranks of the enemy, they should blame nobody.

We are experiencing a difficult, dangerous, serious and important period. Everybody must pull himself together and fulfill his responsibilities to attain the safety.

By the will of Allah, the believers will be victorious in the end. How great it is to fulfill the responsibilities, to see the truth as truth, and to do the righteous deeds! How terrible it is to be unaware and ignorant, and to be a traitor and oppressor!

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