Islam December 1992


Halil Necatioglu

I do not believe that the ruling class in Turkey, the government officials, military staff, and the elite class who admire the West know the West well and understand its mentality completely. I believe that they are unaware of the history, culture, and the social institutions of the West. They also lack the knowledge of Middle Eastern and Islamic History. Hence, when it comes to making international agreements with the West, our ruling class settle for the less and lead the nation into trouble.

Recently, I have read sections of a book on the Western civilization: The Moral Failure of The Oriental Policy of the West. The book has been translated--and graciously sent to me--by Ziyad Ebuzziya from the French original, La Faillite Morale de la Politique Occidentale en Orient which was written by Ahmet Riza Bey (1858-1930) who was a speaker of the House of Representatives in the latter periods of Ottoman government.


I would like to share some passages with you.

The author, Ahmet Rõza Bey, explains how the Christian West opposed Islam and everything associated with Islam and Muslims, their grudge and hatred towards Muslims, their false propaganda and lies about Islam, their satanic attitude and enmity towards science, knowledge, divine truth and true belief, and their fanaticism and denials. He quotes from the European and Christian authors, gives examples of the atrocities committed by the West.

On page 253 of the book there is an index of mass murders committed by the West. The index includes the murders committed against the natives of Africa, America and Amazons, Muslims of Spain, Turks, Jews, people of Southern France, Vahud people of Switzerland, people of Sicily, people of Vitry and Jerusalem cities, Jews and Christians settled along the Danube river, Protestant Christians, and scholars who had been accused of fortune telling and sorceryÉ killing of masses, destruction of Muslim artifacts and mosquesÉ human hunt in Mexico, individual tortures and alike. It is clear that the Western man has a deadly bone of barbarism, murder, cruelty, hatred and theft, which originated from the teachings of the clergy and the brainwash of the church.


Here are some examples of the mass murders: On their way to Anatolia, the first Crusade armies destroyed and looted towns along the Danube River and in valleys in Eastern Europe. They showed no mercy to the Christian population of these towns; they tortured the Jews as they moved. They continued to kill people and destroy towns in Anatolia with increasing brutality. Emperor Alexis Komnen's daughter, Anna Komnen, testified that one of their greatest pastime events was killing Muslim children, roasting their flesh and eating it! British historian Mills supports the reports that Crusaders would eat human flesh: "In Antioch, Bohemoud of France (1055-1111) had several Turkish prisoners slaughtered and their flesh roasted before a large crowd. He told the spectators that he went there to satisfy his appetite."

With the help of an Armenian traitor named Firuz, the Crusaders entered the Fort of Antioch. They killed ten thousand Turks and destroyed all of the mosques in the city. Lemo Ine, a Christian clergyman, described the event: "Our men would search the streets for people. They would kill the children and elderly and cut-up their bodies. On that particular day they could not finish killing the whole population, but the next day nobody was left alive."


Crusade armies entered Jerusalem following a four-day siege. They killed seventy thousand Muslims including women and children. The Crusaders showed no mercy to ten thousand people who had taken refugee in the Mosque of Omar (Dome of the Rock) and slaughtered them. The murder lasted eight days. Many Christians from the Eastern denominations were killed by the Crusaders, too. Historian Fuller states that the second Jerusalem massacre was not a result of a sudden excitement, but it was a premeditated and deliberate event. Lives of women, children, elderly and infants were not spared.

The Crusade leaders made agreements with local people but never observed them. For instance, British ruler King Richard (1157-1199) promised to spare the lives of 3000 armless people if they did not resist, yet he had them killed and thrown into a sea.

Numerous examples in the book points out the roots of the murders being committed in Bosnia-Hercegovina, Caucasus, Middle Asia, and other parts of the world.

What should we do?


First we need to get to know the enemy well and hold tight together. We should not be fooled by the false propaganda, stealthy dirty politics, and satanic wiles.

Right now and at once we must prepare and take precautions not to let similar atrocities take place. We must prepare plans and projects, obtain the most sophisticated weapons, tools, and supplies. We must work both individually and as a group, government and people hand in hand.

All Muslims in all parts of the world must abandon the disagreements and divisions and get united. They must respond to the cry of oppressed Muslims immediately. We should remember that what happened to Bosnian Muslims may happen to other Muslims at any time.

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