Come to the True Islam

Halil Necatioglu*

Islam, June 1991

Look at the animal kingdom and take a lesson from it! Life is a continuous and merciless struggle! The weak, sick or inadept become feed for the vital, strong and aggressive. Those who are not able to fight and escape or work and win are wiped off the stage. Every animal has been given various options, tools, means of motion or capabilities in order to bee protected from and to escape from its adversaries and enemies. For example, birds have wings and a beak; turtles, a shell; cattle, horns; bees, a stinger; snakes, venom; lions, strong claws; skunks, a strong odor; stingray fish, an electric shock; the cuttlefish, an ink; and octopi, eight arms. However, when they come face to face, the one with superior capability and strength wins.

You should know that the struggle for life is the same among nations, religions, and cultures. Strong nations defeat weak ones, swallow and exploit them, make them contest with one another like slaves, distress them and prevent their happiness, obstruct their development, and wear them down by playing them off against one another.


Although Islam is the true religion, and the others are non-valid and false before Allah (May His Glory be exalted), unbelievers, polytheists, idol worshippers, and atheists are struggling against Islam and Muslims. Islamic faith, culture, civilization and morality are under enormous and terrible attack. Lies, trickery, slander, and oppression are continuing full force in every field including the press, radio, television, schools and universities. The enemies of Allah are trying their best to put out the divine light, to remove Islam from the face of the earth, and to bury the past in oblivious darkness.

I swear by Allah that the situation is so! If the situation is such, what is the solution? The solution, the only and absolute solution, is to embrace the TRUE ISLAM! Because the solution to all troubles is the real Islam!

We say ''TRUE ISLAM'' because the enemies of Islam have put forth artificial and watered-down versions in our time. In order for Islam not to be truly understood, they have laid innumerable traps, set up uncountable games, written thousands of false books and published them in every language throughout the world, formed many secret organizations and undertaken many clandestine activities. Thus, unfortunately, uninformed masses have been fooled, pedantic "semi-intellectuals" have been put to sleep, and generations have been kept busy with false ideologies and desires.


TRUE ISLAM is the Islam of the Holy Qur'an and Sunnah.

TRUE ISLAM is the Islam of the Companions of the Prophet. It is the Islam of Age of the Happiness not the Age of Ignorance.

TRUE ISLAM is the road of piety and sincerity, benevolence and wisdom.

TRUE ISLAM is the road of acting on one's knowledge, and the path of true scholars and love-struck and faithful sages.

Those who turn their backs on knowledge and wisdom and the Ahadith and the Qu'ran, who oppose Tasawwuf's (true Sufism) refinement of the self, who run after this world and position will never reach a good end. Neither will those with indifference; false, forced and personal interpretations of religion; inadequate knowledge; imitation faith; bird brains; felt hats and neckties; clean shaves; hypocrisy and rumors; and Jihad for reasons other than Allah's sake. Persons such as these will eventually encounter great damage, loss and ruin. Thus, hey wretched "modern" Muslims! Come to your senses, truly fear Allah, and rush to serve the religion of Allah!


Be aware of the games being played around you; don't be fooled by lies and pretensions; don't he used by or support liars, opportunists, the unfaithful, impersonators, tricksters and frauds.

Don't part from the truth, justice, veracity and fidelity. If you are a sinner, repent and frequent the faithful.

Hold on tightly to Allah's rope so that you can be saved from the frightening abyss and debasement. Join together around the Qur'an and help one another in righteousness and piety. Avoid abetting oppressors in sin and aggression in order not to fall into hell and burn there.

Come to the TRUE ISLAM because in both this world and the next honor and glory, happiness and peace, and approval of Allah, the Veiler and Pardoner, are here.

* Translation: Aisha Asli Sancar (reprinted from Islam, June 1991)

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