Islam, November 1984

Aiming High

Halil Necatioglu

The value of man is proportional to his effort and zeal, that is, the higher he aims, the more he spends in the cause of Allah, the more his effort towards a respectable and valid cause, the higher his value. Ali ibn Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said:

"uluwwu'l himmati mina'l-imân--the highness of efforts comes from faith." That means we must turn to good works with all our mights and stay away from laziness and carelessness, for it is a requisite of our belief.

Many of the Islamic rules suggest us be helpful and useful to mankind, help the needy, be concerned closely with neighbors and people while forbidding carelessness, heedlessness and negligence. We have been praised in the Qur'an as

"ashiddâ'u 'alal-kuffâri ruhamâ'u baynahum--decisive and stern against unbelievers and merciful among themselves."

Our forefathers have worked with great effort and high goals, displayed unmatchable sacrifices, spend their property for the use of the Ummah. When necessary, they did not hesitate giving up their lives. Look around in your neighborhood: Giant mosques, tekkes, schools, inns, caravanserais, aqueducts, fountains, bridges, libraries, hospitals, and many more charitable institutionsÉ They all are from them.


Now it is our turn; we all carry a heavy and serious responsibility on our shoulders. We are threatened by rival countries and ideologies and encircled with "one thousand one" stealthy traps and plots. We have no true friend but Allah (SWT). There is a cold war on us; our neighbors are destroying one another.

It is not befitting for a Muslim to watch the events and not to be concerned yet to run after satanic pleasures. We must assure the unity and togetherness, and exert an extraordinary effort to do good works. We can pull ourselves out from this difficult and stern conditions with a historic attack supported by ardor, and zeal.

Do not be selfish, stingy, pleasure-lover and unaware! Aim high! Allocate some of your time to serve in the cause of Allah (SWT). Remember that it is a very important duty.

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